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In Update 15, the developers added the Third Sea which is why many players are curious to tát know how to tát go to tát Sea 3 in Blox Fruits. Reaching this location allows you to tát explore a lot more and jump into new adventures. To help you in your journey, here’s everything you need to tát tự to tát unlock this location.

How to tát Go to tát Third Sea (3) Location in Blox Fruits?

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Follow these steps to tát get to tát Third Sea in Blox Fruits:

  • Visit the Colosseum structure in the New World. This is present in Area 1 at the Kingdom of Rose, near Don Swan’s Mansion.
  • Head inside and find the entrance that’s near the water area. It will be visible once you drop down from the ground level.

How to tát Go to tát Sea 3 in Blox Fruits

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  • Enter and talk to tát King Red Head.
  • Complete the dialogue options and agree to tát disrespecting rip_indra for him.
  • Now you must defeat rip_indra who is the boss of Sea 3. This will be doable if you are at least level 1500.
  • As soon as you tự it, you will get a new mental message from King Red Head.
  • The message will say that he has been sealed by rip_indra in the Third Sea and he needs your help. Here’s the full message: My dear friend, This is a mental message. I’ve been sealed by rip_indra in the third sea. I need your help ASAP, please come save bu. XOXO, King Red Head AKA mygame43 (owner).
  • Now, talk to tát Mr Captain at Green Zone – he will be standing on the dock.
  • That’s when he will ask you if you would lượt thích to tát go to tát Third Sea – click on YES.
  • You will get teleported to tát the location.

That’s all about how to tát get to tát Third Sea in Blox Fruits. If you are a dedicated player of this game and missed out on some crucial information lượt thích how to tát store your Fruits and trade them with other players, don’t worry. Check out our guides to tát know more. Also, here are the steps to tát follow if you’d lượt thích to tát unlock the Superhuman Fighting Style.

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