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If you’re a người yêu thích of Roblox, you may be wondering how vĩ đại get vĩ đại the Second Sea. It’s a great place vĩ đại explore and has some amazing features, but getting there can be tricky.

How To Get vĩ đại the Second Sea in Blox Fruits

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This tutorial will show you how vĩ đại make your way vĩ đại the Second Sea in Blox Fruits. Read on for all the details.

Getting vĩ đại the Second Sea

If you’re a người yêu thích of Clip games, then you know the possibilities are endless when it comes vĩ đại gameplay.

In Blox Fruits, one of the more popular games on Roblox, you are tasked with helping your character cross a dangerous landscape in order vĩ đại find treasure. Along the way, you can collect coins and fruit vĩ đại increase your score. The game is over when your character either dies or reaches the treasure.

As the name goes, the Second Sea is the second area of exploration in the Blox Fruits universe. Also called the New World, this location is endowed with treasures and quests that can power up your character in readiness for the more challenging Third Sea.

But how tự you get vĩ đại the Second Sea?

Preliminary Requirement

To enter the Second Sea, you must be at least level 700.

Leveling up can be a grind, but there are a few ways vĩ đại tốc độ up the process. One of the most reliable methods is vĩ đại complete quests as often as possible. By picking a block of time when you can focus on the game and complete several quests in a row, you can quickly rack up XP and level up your character.

In addition, try vĩ đại complete quests in a timely manner; many quests have time limits, so sánh turning them in quickly will help you get the most XP possible.

The Journey

Once you’ve attained at least level 700, you’re ready vĩ đại start your journey vĩ đại the Second Sea.

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To begin, head vĩ đại the Prison – an island that sits west of Fountain City. Once there, you’ll need vĩ đại find the Military Detective, an NPC that stands guard at the Prison near the Quest Givers.

When you find him, talk vĩ đại him, and he’ll give you a key vĩ đại the Second Sea. You’ll need vĩ đại engage him in a conversation, for only he holds the key – quite literally – vĩ đại the next installment of your journey. He will hand you a key and request that you head vĩ đại the Frozen Village and track down the Don Swan, a dangerous criminal and Prison escapee. According vĩ đại the detective, Don Swan hides with the Ice Admiral in the Frozen village.

The Frozen Village is located in the Old World south of Jungle Island. Once you get there, you need vĩ đại find and kill the Ice Admiral. To find him, you’ll need vĩ đại head vĩ đại the ability cave where Skyjump, Enhancement, and Flash Step are bought. Once there, use the key handed vĩ đại you by the Military Detective vĩ đại unlock the brown door. In the room dwells the Ice Admiral.

The Ice Admiral is no pushover when it comes vĩ đại combat. Awakened ice fruit is his signature move, and he possesses elementary immunity. To beat him, three weapons are effective: the melee, sword, and guns. All three can be bought at the ability cave. However, killing him is a lot easier if you’re using fruit moves.

Once you’ve killed the Ice Admiral, you’ll need vĩ đại go back vĩ đại the Military Detective at the Prison. He will reveal that the Don Swan is no longer in the Forest Village but has escaped vĩ đại the Second Sea. He will then direct you vĩ đại the Experienced Captain, an NPC who lives in Middle Town in the First Sea.

Once activated, the Experienced Captain will teleport you right into the Second Sea. Once the mission vĩ đại kill the Don Swan is complete, you can come back vĩ đại the Experienced Captain vĩ đại teleport back vĩ đại the First Sea.

It’s important vĩ đại emphasize that you can only activate the Experienced Captain if you have attained at least level 700. If not, he will tell you vĩ đại keep it moving when you find him. You won’t be able vĩ đại teleport vĩ đại the Second Sea.

Take Your Blox Fruits Adventure vĩ đại the Next Level

Your Blox Fruits adventure cannot be complete without a foray into the Second Sea. Getting there is a process, and you’ll need points and selected weapons vĩ đại defeat the inevitable enemies that stand in your way.

Have you journeyed vĩ đại the Second Sea yet? What did you think of it? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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