joe stays in bed and reads magazines

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to choose the word or phrase that best fits each other numbered blanks. 

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     Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Viet Nam is developing rapidly and gradually affirming that it is a pillar and (1) ________ technology in the fourth industrial revolution. Technological powers have long built their own AI development strategies, taking this technology as the core for (2) ________ economic development.” OpenGov reports. 

     Over the last few years, more organizations have started developing and applying AI in various fields including education, telecommunications, retail, healthcare and (3) ________ which have not only gradually dominated the market but also earned huge profits. 

     Currently, AI is the focus of the global technology circle and governments around the world. Many countries have spent billions of US dollars on AI development strategies with the ambition to tướng be the frontrunners of AI. 

     Viet Nam is not outside this development trend either. In recent years, Viet Nam's AI industry has made visible strides with increasing AI nội dung in various products, the release noted. Large domestic technology corporations (4) ________ are interested in investing in and building AI sources implement AI projects.  Many domestic companies as well as innovative start-ups, also tend to tướng invest in AI and carry out many new applications in new business models. (5) ________, lượt thích many countries that prioritize. AI investment. Viet Nam lacks large databases, infrastructure, resources, and a solid foundation from AI businesses.

A. break-in

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B. outbreak

C. breakdown

D. breakthrough

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