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Bamboo Airways is one of the leading airline companies in Vietnam, offering excellent services connecting domestic and international routes. We flew with Bamboo Airways several times and loved it cause the airline was always on time and had good customer service.

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In this travel guide, I share useful information about Bamboo Airways, including carry-on, baggage allowance, check-in options, meals, and tips.

Bamboo Airways

Carry on

With Bamboo flights, you can carry hand baggage item(s) and one accessory. The maximum weight for each hand baggage is 7 kilogam and 3 kilogam for one accessory.

The accessory could be a máy vi tính, camera, small backpack, women’s bag, baby-food bag, and duty-free goods.

Weight: The total weight must not exceed:

  • Economy class: 07 kilogam (one hand baggage item and one accessory)
  • Business class: 14 kilogam (two hand baggage items and one accessory)
Bamboo Airways carry-on baggage.
Bamboo airways carry on

Size: The total 3 dimensions (length, width, height) must not exceed:

  • Hand baggage item: 115cm (56cm x 36cm x 23cm)
  • Accessory: 40cm x 30cm x 10cm

Baggage Allowance

Here is the information on checked luggage for domestic and international routes.

Domestic routes

For domestic flights (except for Con Dao), your checked baggage is 20kg for Economy class and 40kg for Business class.

Please note that you’ll need to tướng pay for extra baggage if you select Economy Saver Max option for domestic flights.

Domestic routes20kg40kg
Con Dao route15kg25kg
Bamboo Airways checked baggage.

International routes

Bamboo Airways currently has flights to tướng Asia, Europe, and the US.

If you take international flights with Bamboo Airways, the checked baggage allowance depends on the routes. Please note that some countries may have exceptions as well.

North-East Asia30kg50kg
South-East Asia20kg40kg
Bamboo Airways checked baggage.

Check-in options

There are three options for Bamboo flight check-in: online check-in, kiosk check-in, and check-in at the airport.

Online check-in

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Doing online check-in will help you save time on the long airport check-in lines, offering a smoother and faster travel experience.

For Bamboo flights, trang web check-in opens from 24 hours to tướng 1 hour prior to tướng departure time.

However, it’s only available for domestic flights departing from Noi Bai (HAN), Da Nang (DAD), Tan Son Nhat (SGN), and Nha Trang (CXR) airports.

Online check-in is not available for passengers who:

  • Request special services (except for special meals).
  • Travel with infants under 02 years old or pregnant passengers.
  • More than thở 9 passengers on one booking.

How to tướng check-in Bamboo flights online

  • Access the trang web check-in URL.
  • Input your Booking number or E-ticket number and your name.
  • Select passenger and flight
  • Select “Agree” and “Next” after reading the regulations
  • Choose any other services
  • After completion with successful notice, you can print or receive your boarding pass via gmail.

At the airport, you can show your boarding pass and required documents at the check-in counter to tướng deposit your luggage.

If you tự not bring checked baggage, you can use kiosks check-in to tướng print your boarding pass and go to tướng the security door.

Bamboo airways.

Kiosks check-in

If you don’t have any checked baggage, you can also use kiosks check-in at the airport. The process is quite similar to tướng trang web check-in.

If you already did Web check-in or Mobile check-in, you can print your print boarding pass. You’ll need to tướng fill in your Reservation code to tướng see the available flights. You can then choose the flight for re-printing your boarding pass.

Check-in at the airport

Airport counter

  • Domestic flight: Open 2 hours in advance and close 40 minutes before departure.
  • International flight: Open 3 hours and close 50 minutes before departure.

You should present at the boarding gate around 30 to tướng 40 minutes before departure time. The door will be closed 15 minutes before departure.

Bamboo Airways airport counter.

Economy class info

BambooEconomy Saver MaxEconomy SaverEconomy SmartEconomy Flex
Cabin baggage7 kg7 kg7 kg7 kg
Checked baggagePay20 kg20 kg20 kg
Rebook/ Reroute
(At least 03h before scheduled flight time)
Unpermitted270,000 VND/ pax + difference270,000 VND/ pax + differenceFree + difference
Rebook/ Reroute
(On 03h/ after flight time)
UnpermittedUnpermitted550,000 VND/ pax + differenceFree + difference (if any) / Except for Lunar New Year: a fee of 270,000 VND/ pax/ segment + difference
(if any)
Name change
(At least 03h before flight time)
UnpermittedA fee of 350,000 VND/ pax/ segmentA fee of 350,000 VND/ pax/ segmentA fee of 350,000 VND/ pax/ segment
(At least 03h before flight time)
UnpermittedUnpermittedA fee of 350,000 VND/ pax/ segmentA fee of 350,000 VND/ pax/ segment
(On 03h/ after flight time)
UnpermittedUnpermittedA fee of 550,000 VND/ pax/ segmentA fee of 350,000 VND/ pax/ segment; Except for Lunar New Year: a fee of 550,000 VND/ pax/ segment
Child (from 2 to tướng under 12)75% adult fare75% adult fare75% adult fare75% adult fare
(under 2)
100,000 VND/pax100,000 VND/pax100,000 VND/pax100,000 VND/pax
Cabin UpgradePayPayPayPay
Seat selectionPayPayPayFree
Business lounge
Priority check-in
Bamboo Club point factor
Bamboo Airways classes

Payment options

To pay for Bamboo Airways flights, you can use these options:

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  • ATM thẻ (issued by banks in Vietnam)
  • Credit or debit card (American Express, JCB, Master, and Visa)
  • Pay Later via Internet banking / mobile banking or counter
  • Momo E-wallet